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PVSC Tryouts

BOYS & GIRLS 2016-2009

This age group's tryouts have been completed. 


However, we are continually interested in players. If you are interested in a Poway Vaqueros team and would like to join a training session please email us,

BOYS & GIRLS 2005-2008



Monday, April 24th
Wednesday, April 26th



Meadowbrook Middle School Upper Turf Field (Address)



 Check-In at 6:45 pm
Tryout 7:15 - 8:45 pm

All players must come to their specific birth year's scheduled tryout time.
The determination of playing up a level will be determined during tryouts.


2014 FIRST TEAM (League Record 5-7-0)
Potential move up to Flight 2 with a few quality player additions; this team took some time to gel as a first-year group but finished the season winning the last three games of the league

This is a first-year team, so tryout talent will dictate flight level

This is a first-year team, so tryout talent will dictate flight level

*Flight levels will ultimately be decided during summer after tournament participation and success.



2014 FIRST TEAM (2022 League Record 7-5-0)
Flight 2-we have picked some very good players to add to last year's roster
Flight 1 is a distinct possibility with a few flight 1 level players 

This is a first-year team, so tryout talent will dictate flight level

2015 FIRST TEAM (2022 League Record 9-2-0)
Likely Flight 2

This is a first-year team, so tryout talent will dictate flight level

*Flight levels will ultimately be decided during summer after tournament participation and success.


This is a first-year team, so tryout talent will dictate flight level

This is a first-year team, so tryout talent will dictate flight level

2013 FIRST TEAM (League Record 6-5-1)
With a couple of quality player additions, we could easily play flight 2

This is a first-year team, so tryout talent will dictate flight level

*Flight levels will ultimately be decided during summer after tournament participation and success.


2009 FIRST TEAM (2022 League Record 6-5-1)
Played Flight 2 in 2022 and won Flight 2 League in 2021

2010 FIRST TEAM (2022 League Record 9-2-1)
Flight 2

2011 FIRST TEAM (2022 League Record 8-1-3)
Likely Flight 2

2012 FIRST TEAM (2022 League Record 9-1-2)
Likely Flight 2

2012 SECOND TEAM (Rebuilding Team Roster)
Flight 3

2013 FIRST TEAM (2022 League Record 11-1-0)
Likely Flight 1 and won Flight 2 League in 2022

2013 SECOND TEAM (2022 League Record 10-1-1) 
Likely Flight 2

*Flight levels will ultimately be decided during summer after tournament participation and success.


Poway Vaqueros Soccer Club is the competitive arm of our Poway Youth Soccer League (PYSL) organization. The mission is to develop highly skilled, intelligent soccer players that can adapt to the different questions the beautiful game demands. Within our development model, we will nurture quality human beings that possess and exhibit respect, good sportsmanship, and happiness in life. Throughout our teachings, we will impress the significance of a quality education and a healthy lifestyle.


OUR PERSONAL TOUCH!  Our coaches and staff will foster strong, positive relationships with our players AND families.  We can provide more intimate relationships because we rarely assign more than two teams per coach.  We are NOT a corporate, franchising entity that seeks a handful of teams in each age group.  We intend to build strong, lifelong relationships through an intimate setting, regular communication, and transparency.  This is also accomplished by establishing many team AND club bonding events so that our groups bleed Vaqueros and not just their individual team(s). 

OUR COACHES!  Because our coaches only have one or two teams, they can properly focus their attention on each squad.  Our coaches are well-educated and have extensive soccer backgrounds with the priority being your child.  With that said, we will strive and achieve victory because of the quality of our coaching staff, the Vaqueros soccer curriculum, and the players they mentor.

OUR FACILITIES!  We have some of the best club soccer fields and available equipment in the county. Coaches have plenty of space to work with their teams as we rarely have more than one team per HALF field.  Ever wonder how you can work on a team's system of play (i.e., formation) in a 30yd by 30 yd box?  Goals are always accessible for training and are often utilized to promote our first rule of The Vaqueros Way, "GO TO GOAL"!

OUR DEVELOPMENT PLAN!  Our focus is to develop technical quality, a strong mental spirit, and the competitive greatness expected in each of our Vaqueros players. Once the ball is mastered, the mind is strong, and the will to compete is cemented, we are able to expand the tactical game to fit the needs of our teams. Ultimately, this will allow us to express our personality on the game with charisma and joy!


1) Go to Goal!!!
2) Keep the Ball!
3) Win the Ball Back!!!


1) Love the Game
2) Ball Mastery
3) Ball Striking
4) Desire the Ball
5) Competitive Greatness

We hope this provides a great understanding of why your child should be a part of our Vaqueros soccer program.

Let's Get Ready to Play...The Vaqueros Way!

Tryout FAQ

Competitive soccer is for focused, highly motivated, talented players who want to benefit from professional coaching and training and who feel challenged competing with other focused, motivated players.

Online pre-registration will be available on our website weeks before the tryout sessions. We strongly recommend pre-registering as that helps facilitate the check-in process at tryouts. Registration forms will also be available at the tryouts. A parent or guardian of a player who did not pre-register online must attend tryouts to complete the forms, which includes a medical and liability release waiver. Forms must be completed and signed before a player will be allowed to participate in tryouts.

Tryouts on the turf fields, we will attempt to hold them rain or shine, unless there is lightening, high winds and unusually stormy conditions. Tryouts on grass fields may be rescheduled. Please check the website, social media and the registered email for field updates and cancellation/reschedule notices. Please note that The City of Poway controls the opening and closing of fields.

During each tryout day, coaches will ask players to demonstrate their technical abilities such as dribbling, passing, turning, etc. Coaches will also put players through 1v1, 2v2 attacking/defending session to get an idea of where the player is all around. During these sessions they will also be evaluated on overall soccer knowledge, energy and attitude.

There is no cost to the players or family who wish to tryout for one of our teams.

Each player should bring water, shin guards, cleats and a soccer ball.

Yes. While exceptions can be made, it is recommended that players attend both tryout sessions to ensure that our coaches have ample opportunity to evaluate each player.

Coaches are looking for coachability, behavior, technical skills, and physical abilities.

No, but you can make your wishes known. Players must be evaluated in their age appropriate group.

No. All players must complete the evaluation process each year. Returning players are NOT guaranteed spots and will be evaluated using the same standard as all the others.

Parents are encouraged to attend. Typically, there is a parent’s meeting to let people know about the process, the club, the commitment and to answer any questions they may have.

Yes, we realize there are unavoidable conflicts that do arise. Please note such when you register and let the people know when you check in. It is preferred that all players come to both nights as it helps reduce the chance of the child having a bad night and allows more coaches to evaluate things to hopefully get a better feel of where your player needs to be.

Wear current team or club affiliated clothing or uniforms during the tryouts including socks, shorts or jerseys. They may be asked to remove such items during the tryouts. Pets. Please do not bring your dog (or animals) to tryouts, practices, games unless they are specially trained guide dogs for the visually impaired

After the tryout, it usually takes about 72 hours for the coach to reach out to the players they wish to offer a spot to. This length of time is because each team is only formed when all players accept a position on that team, and the tiered team system means that each team has to wait for the previous team to lock down their roster.

You will receive an email from the club’s administrator or the coach with details about how to proceed. You will first be required to review the current year PVSC Handbook. Then you will need to complete the registration on the PVSC website, links will be provided in the email, within 24 hours of your email. As part of this registration process you will pay your initial $300 deposit payment of club fees and make arrangements to pay the remaining balance, if needed. Your coach should contact you once the full team is registered and let you know when practice starts and give you more details as needed.

There are options available to you such as recreational play, or skills clinics, to help further your soccer development. We encourage players who do not make a team and who want constructive feedback to contact the coaches via email.

If it is related to the registration process, please email our club administrator All other questions, please email our Executive Director; Lev Kirshner