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The Vaqueros Way Friday's


The Poway Way Friday Field Player Clinics

Our Friday training is designed to help players improve in different areas of the game while utilizing functional, technical, and/or tactical exercises and sessions. Each Friday will have a different theme and direction toward "The Poway Way" vision of playing the beautiful game.  These training sessions are organized and run by the Vaqueros Coaching Directors and coaches. We always encourage our Vaqueros players to bring others who want to participate...we just ask that our friends wear proper soccer attire and have club experience.

The Poway Way Friday Goalkeeper Training

Our Friday goalkeeper training is designed to help netminders develop position-specific technical skills and a better tactical understanding of their role in the goal. These clinics have a low player-to-coach ratio with the purpose of helping each goalkeeper by providing as many repetitions as possible. These clinics are organized for those individuals who regularly play the goalkeeper position and are specifically recommended by their team coach or club director.